Dan Tucker – Metro Mix, Chicago

…There was also the pleasure of hearing impressive young voices. Of three solo singers, Michelle Areyzaga had the most demanding role, and carried it out with distinction… Areyzaga appeared in Menotti’s setting of “Muero Porque No Muero,” a prayerful poem by St. Teresa of Avila. Her affinity for Spanish culture is clear, and this poem is Catholic Spain distilled. Most of this long poem is the solo voice pouring out emotions – a complex of them including love, grief, frustration and joy. Areyzaga’s voice is full and live; it seems to leap out of her throat of its own volition, and all she has to do is shade it expressively – which she does.

—Dan Tucker – Metro Mix, Chicago – February 2001 (Concert Soloist in Menotti’s Muero Porque No Muero)