M.L. Rantala – Hyde Park Herald

Soprano Michelle Areyzaga offered some lovely vocal performances, starting with J.S. Bach’s “Ich esse mit Freuden” from Cantata No. 84, in which she found the joy the composer captured so well.
Her biggest triumph was found in songs by Ralph Vaughn Williams: three selections from Blake Songs (1957) and three more from “Along the Field (1927).” These small gems were performed with simplicity and naturalness. In the first set, Areyzaga was joined by oboist Ricardo Castañeda, and in the second by violinist Mathias Tacke, each offering superb collaboration.

In Mozart’s “Non più. Tutto ascoltai…” Areyzaga sang the parts both of Ilia and Idamante to tremendous effect. In some Brahms songs for soprano and piano, Areyzaga proved an apt storyteller and offered ravishing sound.”
—M.L. Rantala – Hyde Park Herald, July 9, 2014 (Soloist with Chicago Ensemble)