Were I With Thee

Michelle Areyzaga & Dana Brown

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Were I With Thee is a collaboration between soprano Michelle Areyzaga and pianist Dana Brown, showcasing words penned by women and set by American composers. “Were I With Thee” is a line from the Emily Dickinson poem “Wild Nights – Wild Nights,” and this album contains three settings of that poem. The album continues to celebrate Dickinson, featuring cover art by Emily’s living relative Kandice Dickinson.

Produced by Atlas Arts’ Aaron Gottl, this album comes together as an intelligently curated and performed body of work; a gorgeous piano and voice record that presents a unique vision, fusing women’s words from around the world to American song.

Areyzaga and Brown add, “This album will serve to introduce these works to young artists with the hope that they will be programmed on future recitals or albums. This is a female-uplifting project in all possible ways.

Edouard Lippé | Text by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  1. How Do I Love Thee (3:33)

Wayland Rogers | Text by Anne Bradstreet
From I-Thou

  1. No. 17, To My Dear and Loving Husband (2:10)

Richard Pearson Thomas | Texts by Emily Dickinson
From At Last, To Be Identified!

  1. No. 3, Wild Nights – Wild Nights! (1:18)
  2. No. 4, I Never Saw a Moor (2:35)
  3. No. 6, At Last, To Be Identified! (4:18)

Wayland Rogers | Texts by Gabriela Mistral
Tres Poemas de Gabriela Mistral

  1. No. 1, El Aire (1:56)
  2. No. 2, El Ángel Guardián (3:04)
  3. No. 3, Apegado a mí (4:34)

Gwyneth Walker | Texts by Gabriela Mistral
From Tenderness (La Ternura

  1. No. 3, La Luz (2:49)

Lee Hoiby | Texts by Emily Dickinson
From The Shining Place

  1. No. 1, The Shining Place (1:44)
  2. No. 2, A Letter (2:57)
  3. No. 3, How the Waters Closed (2:17)
  4. No. 4, Wild Nights (2:08)
  5. No. 5, There Came a Wind Like a Bugle (2:41)

Lee Hoiby | Text by Dorothy Parker
From Three Women

  1. No. 3, The Waltz (4:52)

John Duke | Text by Edna St. Vincent Millay

  1. What Lips My Lips Have Kissed (3:04)

Patrice Michaels | Text by Anita Escudero
From The Long View: A Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Nine Songs

  1. No. 5, Anita’s Story (4:18)

Patrice Michaels | Text by Ruth Bader Ginsburg
From The Long View
A Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Nine Songs

  1. No. 9, Epilogue – The Long View, Questions Answered (3:52)

Leonard Bernstein | Text by Julia de Burgos
From Songfest:

  1. No. 3, A Julia de Burgos (3:48)

Gwyneth Walker | Texts by Emily Dickinson
Emily! (from New England)

  1. No. 1, My Letter to the World (2:32)
  2. No. 2, The Moon and the Sea (2:18)
  3. No. 3, The Frog in the Bog (1:41)
  4. No. 4, Hope (with Feathers) (1:50)
  5. No. 5, Passion (2:39)
  6. No. 6, Joy (2:58)
  7. No. 7, All I Have to Bring (1:45)

Michelle Areyzaga, soprano
Dana Brown, piano
Producer: Aaron Gottl (Atlas Arts Media)
Recording Engineer: Matthew Peckham
Mix Engineer and Mastering: Shelby Lock

Recorded in Rudolph Ganz Memorial Recital Hall,
Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, July 1-5, 2019

Partially funded by Roosevelt University Professional Development Fund and by Musicians Club of Women.